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This Week in Cloud Native with Duffie Cooley

I was so happy to see this in my Twitter feed today:

Fields Tested with Kaslin Fields

It was great to see that several of the shows on the schedule aim to explore the many projects in the CNCF landscape. Some of the shows are intros to tools or discussions with maintainers, but it sounds like Kaslin will be rolling up her sleeves and digging into projects more. Here’s how she described the show on Twitter.

Spotlight Live with Dan Pop

Dan AKA POP has been hosting his podcast The POPCAST for a while now. His new show on Cloutnative.tv is described as live interviews with people from the Kubernetes community, including project maintainers, SIG members, and folks from the CNCF. I talked to Dan recently about his show, and I think we have a pretty similar approach to interviewing. While the technology we work with is very cool (and there are many shows on the schedule about technologies), I love hearing about the people in the community. I think Dan’s show will be a great way to learn more about some of those folks that you see on Twitter or speaking at KubeCon.

The Rest of the Lineup

It was hard to pick just a few shows to highlight because they all sound like they will be great. Anaïs Urlichs and Kat Cosgrove are both hosting shows with more of a project focus. David McKay (AKA Rawkode) is hosting a show on contributing. Saiyam Pathak is looking at certifications, like the CKA and CKAD. Leonardo Murillo is focusing on LatinX folks in the cloud native community, and Tim Banks is interviewing BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other folks from underrepresented groups. Matt Stratton is hosting a game show called CNCFaceOff, where folks from cloud native projects will face off Family Feud style, which sounds like it may be the most Matt Stratton thing ever. I can’t wait.



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