How Virtual Kubernetes Clusters Can Speed Up Your Local Development

KinD, k3d and minikube to the rescue?

So now you are telling me virtual clusters are the solution?

Show me or I don’t believe it

$ vcluster create my-vcluster
$ kubectl get namespacesNAME              STATUS   AGE

kube-system Active 40s

default Active 40s

kube-public Active 40s

kube-node-lease Active 40s
$ kubectl apply -f
$ kubectl wait --for=condition=ready pod -l app=guestbook
$ kubectl port-forward service/frontend 9080:80
$ kubectl get pods -n vcluster-my-vclusterNAME                                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE

coredns-76dd5485df-75jgf-x-kube-system-x-my-vcluster 1/1 Running 0 7m25s

frontend-f7d9c57d4-8wp44-x-default-x-my-vcluster 1/1 Running 0 7m13s

frontend-f7d9c57d4-d2trf-x-default-x-my-vcluster 1/1 Running 0 7m13s

frontend-f7d9c57d4-k6sb6-x-default-x-my-vcluster 1/1 Running 0 7m13s

my-vcluster-0 2/2 Running 0 7m35s

redis-master-857d99cc8-tr949-x-default-x-my-vcluster 1/1 Running 0 7m13s

redis-replica-6fd587fb56-gjht5-x-default-x-my-vcluster 1/1 Running 0 7m13s

redis-replica-6fd587fb56-mksx4-x-default-x-my-vcluster 1/1 Running 0 7m13s
vcluster delete my-vcluster

Let’s wrap it up



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