Happy Birthday vcluster!

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  • vcluster is a certified k8s distro. This means it passes a set of conformance tests from the CNCF, which should give us all more confidence when using it.
  • Supporting additional k8s distros. Initially vcluster was designed to use k3s for the API server that runs inside the virtual clusters, but that list was expanded to include other options like k0s, vanilla Kubernetes (the standard k8s API server), and EKS. vcluster still uses k3s by default, but you can specify one of the others with the --distro flag.
  • vcluster plugins and the vcluster SDK. You can now customize the behavior of vcluster’s syncer to enable all kinds of new workflows. We believe the best infrastructure tools are opinionated but also extensible, and that plugins will allow a lot of interesting use cases. I wrote a blog post about the vcluster SDK and you can read more in the docs.
  • Isolated Mode. This new feature adds some additional tools for isolating your virtual clusters, including a Pod Security Policy, a resource quote, a limit range, and a network policy. Users enable Isolated Mode when spinning up a cluster with the --isolated flag. You can find more details in the docs.
  • Pausing and resuming virtual clusters. This allows users to scale down a vcluster by deleting all of the workloads running in it with the vcluster pause subcommand and resuming them later with vcluster resume. For more info see the docs.



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