by Rich Burroughs

It can be challenging to manage costs if your developers use Kubernetes clusters running in the cloud, whether they use shared clusters or have their own dedicated clusters. It’s difficult to keep track of what workloads are running where, and that gets even harder as you add…

by Rich Burroughs

We’re excited to announce that Loft v2 has shipped. v2 is a set of improvements that we think makes Loft even easier to use and more powerful. Here’s a quick look at what’s in the release. For more details, see the release notes.

Goodbye Accounts

One of the most…

by Aniket Bhattacharyea

Image of a stack of hundred dollar bills

Kubernetes has taken the software development world by storm. It gives you an excellent framework to deploy your application with and abstracts away the low-level details of the underlying infrastructure. But just like everything great, it comes with a tradeoff.

Since it makes deployments easy and smooth…

Loft Labs

>> << Build Your Internal Kubernetes Platform With Virtual Clusters, Namespace Self-Service & Secure Multi-Tenancy

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