by Rich Burroughs

It can be challenging to manage costs if your developers use Kubernetes clusters running in the cloud, whether they use shared clusters or have their own dedicated clusters. It’s difficult to keep track of what workloads are running where, and that gets even harder as you add…

by Tyler Charbonneau

Maintaining a microservices ecosystem is challenging, without doubt. However, many companies that unravel that day-to-day mystery still struggle with cost-whether or not they fully understand their operating expenses. Running clusters and horizontally-scaled containers at 99.99 percent uptime is costly.

Reserving memory, computing capacity, storage, networking, and added…

by Rich Burroughs

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. The Kubernetes space continues to explode, and I thought I’d share a shortlist of some companies that I’ll be keeping an eye on this year.

This list isn’t exhaustive; I’m definitely leaving out some companies doing very interesting work. I’ve…

by Sanni Michael

Two piles of coffee beans, one green and one brown

If you need a policy management tool for your Kubernetes clusters, you have several options to choose from. Two popular policy tools are Open Policy Agent and jsPolicy.

Open Policy Agent, or OPA, is a domain-agnostic and general-purpose policy engine that allows you to decouple policy- and…

Loft Labs

>> << Build Your Internal Kubernetes Platform With Virtual Clusters, Namespace Self-Service & Secure Multi-Tenancy

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